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Best 15 Charities That Protect Our Environment

The environment is facing many challenges, from climate change and deforestation to loss of biodiversity and wastage of food. For example, the World Health Organization states that risk factors related to climate change impact social and environmental determinants of health – clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food, and secure shelter. Besides, climate change is projected to increase the number of deaths by about 250,000 every year between 2030 and 2050 as opposed to 2015, with over half occurring from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and heat stress. Another issue—deforestation—probably contributes at least 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. These problems are complex and require the concerted efforts of individuals, organizations around the world, and governments as well. One way to make a difference is by supporting environmental charities that work for the protection of our planet. Here are 15 of them:

#1. Global Footprint Network

Global Footprint Network is a leading global environmental charity that tracks and promotes sustainable resource management. They create awareness about the human impact on the planet and offer solutions to reduce our ecological footprint.

Notably, their Earth Overshoot Day campaign highlights the date when human demand for resources surpasses Earth’s ability to regenerate, urging action to address ecological overshoot.

To support Global Footprint Network’s valuable work, you can donate directly through their website or PayPal or participate in fundraising campaigns organized by the organization. Other ways to donate include buying employer-matching gifts, wire transfers, tribute gifts, gifts of stocks and bonds, legacy, or in-kind gifts.

#2. Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation was founded in 1984 by surfers in Malibu. It is a well-known global non-profit organization that protects oceans, waves, and beaches.

They focus on plastic reduction, ocean protection, and clean water preservation, among others. Their Ocean Friendly Restaurants program aims to reduce plastic pollution by working with restaurants to become more environmentally friendly.

You can directly contribute financially on their website or become a member to support their ongoing efforts. Another way of helping is by partaking in local beach cleanups organized by Surfrider chapters or attending events that give awareness about environmental issues.

#3. Sierra Club

Sierra Club was founded in 1892 and, over the years, has played a key role in many campaigns and initiatives to combat climate change and protect wildlife as well as ecosystems. It operates through either grassroots organizing, legal advocacy, or lobbying efforts combined with public education campaigns. The organization has helped advance solutions addressing the climate crisis by working for clean air, safe water, land protection, and a vibrant natural world.

To support Sierra Club’s important work, you can donate directly through their website or become a member. Donations help fund their campaigns, support legal actions against polluters, finance grassroots organizing efforts, and drive public awareness campaigns on critical environmental issues.

#4. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

The Environmental Defense Fund, or EDF, is a global non-profit fighting for the environment’s protection for over 50 years. The organization’s mission is to safeguard the natural systems and resources upon which all life depends.

EDF primarily works in search of practical and creative solutions to some of Earth’s most pressing environmental problems through its efforts as an advocacy group. For example, they helped formulate within this effort a market-based program called “cap-and-trade,” looking at minimizing emissions.

Several options are available for those interested in donating or getting involved with EDF. One way to contribute financially is by visiting their website – give it once, monthly, donate in another’s honor or memory, or even by email. Additionally, you can join or participate in fundraising events organized by EDF.

#5. Pure Earth

Pure Earth is a global not-for-profit organization based in New York City dealing with pollution problems in low and middle-income countries. Their focus is on two main issues – lead and mercury pollution.

A great inspiring piece of their impact is their Toxic Sites Identification Program, a global movement aiming to find and clean up some of the world’s most toxic sites. The program has identified close to 5000 toxic places throughout over 50 countries.

If you wish to donate or get involved with Pure Earth’s mission, you can send money directly via their website – one-time or make recurring payments. Besides, you can send money by check or donate stocks and securities. In addition to financial donations, there are other ways to get involved as well. Pure Earth offers volunteer opportunities for those who want to contribute their skills and time to make a difference.

#6. Conservation International

Conservation International (CI) is a global environmental non-profit organization that works towards protecting nature and ensuring the safety of our planet’s future. They focus on finding sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and supporting innovative conservation projects, among others.

One example of how CI has contributed to environmental issues is the protection of the Amazon rainforests. Their effort not only conserves critical biodiversity but helps link economic development with conservation goals level-wise.

You can donate directly through their website to support CI’s mission and get involved. They offer various options like one-time or monthly donations to suit different preferences. Another way to support CI is by exploring volunteer opportunities or internship programs they offer. These opportunities allow individuals to contribute directly to conservation efforts in various regions around the world while gaining valuable experiences.

#7. is an inspiring and world-renowned charity organization that provides access to safe water and sanitation solutions worldwide. has been a front-runner in the battle against the global water crisis having a mission of changing lives by increasing access to clean water and proper sanitation.

One significant impact of’s work can be seen in its WaterCredit program. Through this venture, they have pioneered a concept of microfinance for water and sanitation. More than 55 million people access safe water or sanitation through this affordable financing.

To support’s cause and make a difference in combating the global water crisis, individuals can contribute through donations or get actively involved through fundraising activities. Donations can be made directly through the website using secure online credit card transactions via PayPal, mobile wallet, or bank account.

#8. Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited is an international conservation and protection organization that protects wetlands for waterfowl such as ducks and geese. The major work of Ducks Unlimited involves habitat enhancement and restoration activities across North America.

Since 1937, they have conserved more than 15.5 million acres of wetlands in North America, which helped save countless waterfowl species and provided tremendous benefits to other wildlife that depended on these ecosystems.

If you’re interested in supporting Ducks Unlimited’s endeavors, you can contribute or get involved in several ways. The most direct method is donating through their website or by contacting their headquarters. Additionally, you can help by volunteering, buying souvenirs from their gift shop, and attending events held by the members.

#9. Rainforest Foundation

Rainforest Foundation is a global environmental protection and conservation charity. They tirelessly work to protect, preserve, and advance the world’s rainforests. Founded in 1987 by musician Sting with his wife Trudie Styler, the foundation focuses on supporting indigenous communities living within or surrounding the rainforests where they live, as well as empowering them to fight for their rights and conserve the native lands they call home.

One example of how they have contributed to the environment is through their ForestLink system. According to it, communities are able to send highly accurate and low-cost geographical alerts of illegal forest activities in real time, even from remote areas with no connectivity.

You can donate directly on their website to support the Rainforest Foundation’s vital cause. Additionally, you can explore other ways of getting involved, such as volunteering or participating in fundraising events organized by the charity.

#10. Oceana

Oceana is a global ocean conservation non-profit organization that tends to particular policy statements regarding the national level to conserve and rebuild the world’s oceans. They work toward safeguarding marine ecosystems along with endangered species, restoring abundant and biodiverse oceans, decreasing pollution, and helping in the collapse of fish populations, which cannot be reversed.

One case in point is their efforts to reduce bycatch, especially protected or endangered species. Bycatch is defined as the incidental capture of non-target species in fishing gear. Oceana has made strides towards reducing bycatch through advocacy for stronger bycatch regulations and the promotion of more selective fishing gear.

To support Oceana in their vital work, you can make a financial contribution directly through Oceana’s website via credit card or PayPal.

#11. Earthjustice

Earthjustice is a prestigious non-profit organization that protects our environment through legal advocacy. Since 1971, Earthjustice has been on the front line of defending the natural world and fighting for environmental justice.

They offer legal counsel in cases relating to climate change, biodiversity, forest protection, wildlife preservation, clean energy, and more. For instance, as a U.S. Supreme Court ruling threatens all U.S. waters, Earthjustice continues to protect our waters to ensure the health of communities and ecosystems.

If Earthjustice’s mission inspires you and wish to support their work financially or get involved personally. Donations can be made directly on their website via credit card or Paypal. Additionally, you can become a justice partner, donate stocks or securities, or make a tribute or memorial gift.

#12. One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization focusing on tree reforestation and restoring forests worldwide. Their vision is to partner with local communities by planting trees, enabling biodiversity conservation, creating sustainable livelihoods, and improving the environment.

They focus mainly on areas that have been ravaged by forest fires, clear-cutting for agriculture or infrastructure development, as well as suffering from the effects of climate change. Over 92.7 million trees have been planted in over 80 countries since 2014.

To support One Tree Planted’s work and contribute to environmental conservation, you can donate directly through the website via credit card or cryptocurrency or become a partner.

#13. Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future is a non-profit organization working to break the cycle of hunger, poverty, and destruction of our environment by restoring landscapes in developing communities. The organization achieves its aims through service to people at the heart of global food systems: farmers and their families.

The work of Trees for the Future has been incredible. They have planted more than 300 million trees, restored nearly 93 thousand acres of degraded land, and changed the lives of about 332 thousand people.

If you want to donate to the work of Trees for the Future, you can make one-time or monthly payments via the website, send money via crypto & NFTs, start a fundraiser, become an ambassador, or make legacy & investment giving.

#14. is an international environmental organization addressing the climate crisis. They aim to end fossil fuels and move toward renewable energy by building a global grassroots movement. Their alleged goal is to stop fossil fuel projects everywhere, halt efforts at fossil fuel finance, invest in renewable solutions, and power up campaigns for energy justice.

For instance, they coordinated a campaign targeting the Keystone XL pipeline in 2015, a proposed project that transported tar sands oil from Canada to the United States. This victory highlighted the power of people coming together and inspired many similar movements worldwide.

To support 350. org’s efforts in protecting our environment and fighting climate change, you can donate directly via the website, by check, by stocks, or by wills and trusts. Additionally, you can start a fundraiser or donate while shopping online.

#15. National Park Trust

National Park Trust is an inspiring and remarkable organization focusing on preserving and improving America’s national parks while getting kids out to enjoy the beauty of these natural gems. The work of the National Park Trust focuses on three main initiatives: land protection, preservation, and youth programs.

The result of the National Park Trust’s influence can be seen in the purchase of 640 acres of land adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park in California. This acquisition helped protect the unique desert ecosystems inside Joshua Tree National Park while allowing visitors expanded recreation opportunities.

You can make a financial donation directly through their website in order to contribute to National Park Trust or get involved with their efforts. They also have a program called “Kids To Parks,” where families pledge to take their kids out into nature and share their experiences on social media using #KidstoParksDay.