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Best 15 Charities Alleviating Poverty

Poverty, a persistent global issue affecting millions of individuals and communities worldwide, refers to an absence of resources and opportunities necessary to meet basic human needs. It is leading to deprivation coupled with limited access to essential services. According to the World Bank Report, extreme poverty is defined as living on less than $2.15 per person per day at 2017 purchasing power parity. The number of people living on such a level rose by 70 million to more than 700 million in 2020 because of the chaos set into motion by the COVID-19 crisis. The global extreme poverty rate reached 9.3 percent, up from 8.4 percent in 2019. In a world where poverty is one of the biggest headaches, many organizations are dedicated to helping alleviate this hardship. These charities tirelessly uplift vulnerable communities and provide them with support and resources to come into a better life. Here are 15 of them:

#1. OPAD International

OPAD International is a not-for-profit organization formed to combat poverty on a global scale. Unlike many charities, their approach isn’t only about taking immediate help but long-term sustainable development. They established their premise with the belief that each individual deserves access to basic necessities as well as opportunities for growth and fostering self-sufficiency.

In more than 40 countries, OPAD has collaborated with donors, governments, regional NGOs, and impacted communities to combat poverty by actively addressing the pressing problems that impoverish and marginalize people.

If you want to contribute to OPAD’s mission, you can make direct payment through the website via PayPal. Besides, you can select gifts on the website and donate to a specific purpose. Alternatively, you can volunteer and spread awareness on social media.

#2. End Poverty Now (EPN) 

End Poverty Now is a non-governmental, non-profit body that seeks to reduce poverty locally and globally. Founding members are five McGill University students who resolved to address world poverty in 2004. It is located in Montreal, Canada.

Its mission is to offer critical resources and opportunities for communities in need so they can improve access to education, healthcare, clean water, food security, and sustainable livelihoods while tackling both immediate needs for relief as well as implementing long-term solutions toward eradicating the cycle of poverty affecting millions. Their work includes examples of successful people fighting poverty, such as Clara, an immigrant from Kenya who now lives in Nairobi and looks for sixty orphans.

To contribute to EPN’s mission, you can donate funds directly through the website via credit/debit card, Google Pay, or bank account. Other ways to get involved include taking a trip to help at the orphanages, farms, or schools, donating your time and volunteering, or contributing assets, such as real estate, vehicles, etc.

#3. Oxfam International

In the struggle against global poverty, such organizations as Oxfam International have become luminaries of hope. Oxfam International is a confederation of charitable organizations established in 1995, operating in 86 countries with a vision that struggles to create a world without poverty by tirelessly empowering individuals and communities.

Oxfam International works against poverty from multiple fronts. It utilizes a comprehensive approach that makes use of humanitarian aid, development projects, advocacy for policy change, and campaigning for justice. In 2020-2021, they worked directly with 25.7 million people around the world. They implement sustainable programs that address various issues such as education, health care, women’s rights, and income generation opportunities through farming or micro-businesses.

Whether you want to contribute financially or become actively involved, you can make one-time or recurring donations directly through the website via credit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal. Alternatively, you can volunteer, spread awareness of their campaigns, or join their global movement of change.

#4. The Global Red Cross Network

The Global Red Cross Network was birthed out of humanitarian principles, which Henry Dunant initiated in 1863 when he mobilized volunteers to help alleviate suffering during the period following the Battle of Solferino. Forcibly driven by his compassion and witnessing extreme pain on the battlefield, Dunant assembled volunteers who would assist wounded soldiers impartially, emphasizing unity, neutrality, and humanitarian assistance.

Today, the Global Red Cross Network deals with a lot of diverse activities to help poor people reduce their poverty all around the world. They specialize in disaster response and recovery for health initiatives, social inclusion programs for promoting livelihoods through vocational training, education improvement projects, and improving water access for needy communities, among many more.

To support the incredible work of the Global Red Cross Network in their ongoing fight against poverty, you can donate directly through the website (one-time or recurring) via credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. Besides, you can volunteer, shop for their supplies and products, spread awareness, or even give blood to those suffering.

#5. Save the Children

Save the Children is a global charity organization providing powerful care and support for children in need all over the world. Founded in 1919, Save the Children has been at the forefront of efforts to fight poverty, protect children’s rights, and provide humanitarian aid to communities around the world. This outstanding Global Charity works positively and effectively at local, national, as well as international levels by delivering innovative programs with impactful goals.

Save the Children works in families, nurseries, schools, and communities to lessen the gap between children living in poverty compared with their more affluent peers. Likewise, Save the Children is proactive through education programs that provide access to quality education in disadvantaged areas.

If you’re inspired by Save the Children’s mission and want to contribute towards alleviating poverty for vulnerable children across the globe, you can make a one-time or recurring payment through a website via credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, you can donate cryptocurrency, give to their children’s emergency fund, start a Facebook fundraiser, or volunteer.

#6. Give Directly Inc.

GiveDirectly was founded in 2009 by a group of economics researchers who wanted to revolutionize the traditional aid delivery models. The organization works on the premise that many impoverished individuals know best how their situation can be improved and that cash transfers can provide them with freedom and flexibility as they tackle their key needs.

Since its founding in 2009, they have given more than 1.5 million people living in poverty directly over $650 million in cash. One notable example of GiveDirectly’s impact can be seen in its work in Kenya’s rural regions. Through cash transfers, GiveDirectly has allowed families to invest in income-generating activities like livestock rearing, business development, education expenses, or healthcare costs.

To contribute towards poverty alleviation efforts, you can support GiveDirectly and send money through the website via credit card, PayPal, check, wire transfer, stock transfer, Bitcoin, or ETH/ERC20. Besides, you can start a fundraiser, give via a donor-advised fund, start a corporate partnership, volunteer, or spread the word about the organization’s mission.

#7. Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide was created in 1968 as a humanitarian organization dedicated to responding to the famine crisis in Biafra, Nigeria. Since then, it has evolved into an international charity devoted to bringing about life change and ending world poverty. Their mission is empowering all people regardless of gender or race, or class.

Concern assists 25 of the world’s poorest nations through emergency response, health initiatives, and livelihood projects. In 2021, they responded to different situations in 24 countries, where they helped 39 million of the world’s poorest people and most vulnerable people.

If you feel inspired to contribute to Concern Worldwide’s impactful work, you can make one-time or recurring payments directly through the website via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Stripe. Other ways to give include starting a fundraiser, buying a gift, or helping with corporate support.

#8. World Relief

Organizations like World Relief that come together in this battle against poverty are shining as beacons of hope. This international humanitarian organization was founded in 1944 and is dedicated to serving vulnerable and disadvantaged communities around the world.

Their work has united with emergency response economic development through business services for entrepreneurs and non-profits and health care access, among others. By targeting these interrelated facets of poverty alleviation, they seek holistic change empowering communities for long-term solutions only.

One great example of a project done by World Relief is the Farming as a Business initiative that was launched in rural Malawi. The program targeted giving training and stock resources to local farmers so they can improve their productivity and reduce the level of poverty.

If you are inspired by the impactful work done by World Relief and would like to donate once or monthly, you can do it directly via the website via credit card or bank transfer. Besides, you can donate crypto, stock, or DAF, volunteer, start a fundraiser, or spread awareness about World Relief’s mission and aims.

#9. Outreach International

Founded in 1979, Outreach International is a non-profit organization committed to alleviating poverty worldwide by empowering communities to develop sustainable solutions. Outreach International’s mission centers on long-term transformation rather than short-term relief efforts. Their approach involves working closely with local communities, emphasizing the importance of self-reliance and empowering individuals to build a better future for themselves.

Through interventions in education, healthcare, water, and sanitation facilities, economic empowerment initiatives, and social justice advocacy programs, this charity endeavors to break the cycle of poverty plaguing numerous regions across the globe. Outreach International lays a strong foundation for lasting progress by addressing various aspects holistically.

If you wish to support Outreach International’s noble cause or contribute towards fighting poverty, you can make one-time or recurring payments through their website via credit card, PayPal, or cheque. Besides, you can shop their custom items, start a fundraiser, volunteer, spread awareness, or become a corporate partner.

#10. Lightning the Path

Lightning the Path is a non-profit organization that works towards alleviating poverty through different community-driven programs. Their focus encompasses empowering communities to identify and understand their own needs, develop sustainable solutions of their choice, and take ownership of their progress. LTP fosters self-reliance by building partnerships with local leaders, organizations, as well as institutions.

Directly or indirectly, more than 565 women benefited from Lighting the Path. This has led to their gaining the know-how to start a small business and being able to mentor others in doing so. Besides, more than 24 women’s associations have been established, giving them the authority to collaborate as a diverse team with the capacity to produce some kind of product and manage long-term business management.

To alleviate poverty and make a difference through Lightning the Path, you can donate to different purposes directly through their website via PayPal or credit/debit card. Alternatively, you can volunteer, start a fundraiser, become a mentor or teacher, attend events, help update their website, etc.

#11. The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project is committed to heightening and mobilizing support for ending extreme poverty. Founded in 2003 by Clint Borgen, it works pursuant to the belief that politics will be leveraged towards the eradication of poverty and achieving sustainable development goals. Through its own distinct approach, The Borgen Project seeks to fight poverty from its root causes through advocacy for policies that are more favorable to humanitarian assistance and economic reforms.

One notable example of The Borgen Project’s success lies in its instrumental role in influencing legislation such as the International Affairs Budget. By mobilizing grassroots support through their volunteers across the United States, they actively campaigned for increased funding for global poverty reduction programs. As a direct result of these advocacy efforts, billions of dollars have been allocated toward life-saving aid projects and initiatives around the world.

If The Borgen Project’s mission inspires you, you can donate directly through the website via credit or debit card. Other ways to send funds include donating via CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, or by mail.

#12. Global Citizen

Global Citizen was founded in 2008 by Hugh Evans as a global movement to end extreme poverty by 2030. They differentiated themselves from traditional charities through their focus on advocacy efforts alongside the use of traditional fundraising efforts. They encourage governments, corporations, and individuals to commit resources toward ending poverty through collective action.

Those who are global citizens take the initiative and build change. Their goal is to Eliminate severe poverty on a global scale. Their voices spark action toward the protection of the environment, reducing poverty, and demanding equity. They use social media through publishing via Twitter, messaging via mobile phones, or using sign boards/ petitions/registering people across societies in order to get them to act out their calling.

To support their efforts, you can donate funds directly through the website via credit card, bank account, or PayPal. Besides, you can start a fundraiser, take action by supporting their campaigns, volunteer, or attend events.

#13. World Vision

In the fight against poverty, one organization that has continually stood out is World Vision. Founded in 1950, this international non-profit humanitarian organization has dedicated itself to alleviating poverty and promoting justice through various programs and initiatives. By addressing the root causes of poverty and working alongside communities in need, World Vision empowers individuals and transforms lives worldwide.

The major partner in food delivery for the World Food Programme is World Vision. Of the children treated for severe malnutrition during the past ten years, 89% recovered completely. They prioritize health, nutrition, education, disaster preparedness, faith and development, child safety, economic development, and water.

Supporting World Vision’s efforts in combating poverty is essential for generating sustainable change worldwide. You can get involved by donating funds, sponsoring a child, providing emergency support, helping in child rescue, praying with them, or spreading awareness.

#14. ActionAid

Since 1972, ActionAid has been lacing up globally to support communities in their struggle against poverty and social injustices. Through a plethora of impactful programs and projects, this international charity organization has played instrumental roles in creating lasting changes as well as empowering vulnerable people to lead better lives.

ActionAid directly supports vulnerable communities, particularly in low-income countries. Acting holistically, it tackles a host of issues surrounding poverty: education, healthcare and well-being concerns, livelihoods, women’s empowerment, climate change adaptation, disaster response, and social justice.

They also advocate for policy changes that address the root causes of poverty and inequality. Their approach is to put emphasis on building resilience within communities as well as amplifying the voices of those affected.

You can support their efforts by donating money through the website via bank transfer or credit card. Besides, you can volunteer, spread awareness, or start a fundraiser.

#15. CARE International

CARE International was established in 1945 and has since evolved into one of the world’s largest humanitarian aid agencies operating in more than 100 countries. CARE seeks to enable women and girls through empowerment, transforming their lives with dignity whereby they encourage sustainable economic development, responding during emergencies, and assisting communities to build resilience.

CARE International runs a wide range of programs tackling various aspects addressing poverty: women empowerment, food security, and sustainable livelihoods, as well as emergency relief. Already, they reached 174 million people directly and 205 million – indirectly.

One impactful initiative is the Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) program. By providing small loans, financial education, and establishing saving groups, CARE has enabled individuals in impoverished communities to start or expand their own small businesses.

Supporting CARE International’s mission can be done through donations via credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, you can volunteer, spread awareness, or start a fundraiser.