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32 Environmental Science and Climate Change Internships

Today, climate change and environmental science are some of the most pressing issues facing our planet. By conducting an internship in this field, you can gain first-hand experience in tackling these problems and make a real difference in the world. There are many different types of internships available in climate change and environmental science. You could work on a research project to help develop new technologies or methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Or you could join an environmental campaigning organisation and help raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to take action. Whatever type of internship you choose, it will be an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in climate change and environmental science, and to make a contribution to solving one of the biggest challenges of our time.

We have compiled a list of several paid and unpaid internships related to the Climate Change Environmental Law, Protection and Rights.

UNFCCC’s Internship Programme

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change offers unpaid internship positions for English-speaking students who hold a bachelor’s degree and are working toward a master’s degree. Most positions last for 2 months and include a wide range of work assignments that allow students to get a feel for just how the United Nations is working to fight climate change. At the conclusion of the internship, students must compile a report that summarizes what they gained from the experience. All expenses and medical coverage are the financial responsibility of the student. Most positions are housed at the Haus Carstanjen UN Campus in Germany.

UNEP Internship Programme

The United Nations Environment Programme offers unpaid full-time internships that last for 3 to 6 months at their offices in Nairobi, Kenya. These opportunities are available for students who are either in the last two years of their undergraduate studies or are currently enrolled in a master’s degree program. Fluency in English is mandatory and students who are also fluent in either French or Spanish will have the best chance of being selected. Positions include technical support (IT) and administrative jobs and provide an in-depth look at the work done by the UNEP.

UNDP Climate Change Internships

The United Nations Development Programme offers many internship opportunities in locations around the world. Opportunities are posted on a regular basis on the UNDP’s website with positions varying in length and having different requirements in terms of educational and professional experience. Generally, the positions provide support for the UNDP’s mission of helping to protect the environment from climate change and reduced biodiversity by supporting responsible practices that do not hinder economic growth in developing nations.

UN-HABITAT Internships

UN-Habitat offers internships at various times of the year for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in urban planning that is done in a responsible method to reduce the risk of climate change. Positions vary and may support the goals of the program in a number of ways. Generally, the UN-Habitat takes up projects that help make settlements within urban areas more environmentally sustainable. Most of their work is done in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Asia, so the majority of the internships involve posts in one of these areas of the world.

UNIDO Internships

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization regularly accepts students for internships in their Energy and Climate Change Branch of the Programme Development and their Technical Cooperation Division. Positions last from 3 to 6 months and are based in Vienna, Austria, where the organization is headquartered. Applicants must be between 21 and 35 years of age, hold a bachelor’s degree and be in the midst of studying for a graduate-level degree. Fluency in English is mandatory, and bilingual applicants who also speak Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish are preferred. Interns perform research to help further the organization’s goals on how industrial development can progress with less impact on the planet.

Young Leaders in Climate Change (Paid)

The George Melendez Wright Initiative for Young Leaders in Climate Change (YLCC) is one of the few organizations that offers paid internships in the field of environmental protection. Interns spend an entire summer working in United States National Parks helping to monitor climate effects, modify park facilities to protect the environments, develop sustainable policies and procedures and helping with communication and education functions of the National Parks. Applicants must either be entering their third or fourth years of an undergraduate college program or have graduated the fall or spring prior to the start of the internship.

Climate Action Network

The Climate Action Network offers an internship program for students who wish to gain work experience on an international level with an NGO that is striving to combat climate change. Students can work for the Secretariat in an administrative capacity at their headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, or at one of the many national or regional node offices located around the world. In some cases, students may have the opportunity to request a location, but often, they are randomly assigned. Internships may last from a few months to up to one year and may be full or part-time depending on the needs at the time that applications are received. The positions are open to anyone fluent in English who has a university degree.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions has a number of internship programs with positions lasting for roughly 3 months. Positions are available in the communications department, federal affairs, markets and business strategy, policy analysis and science and resilience departments. Each internship has its own specific requirements, but generally a bachelor’s degree is needed to be considered for any of the positions. The base of operations for C2ES is Arlington, Virginia, located near Washington, D.C. Most positions involve working in the headquarters office and are unpaid.

Climate Institute

The Climate Institute accepts interns for positions at their offices in Washington, D.C. Both undergraduates and graduate students may apply for the posts, provided that they meet basic skills requirements outlined in the descriptions of the specific opportunities. Innovative Solutions Initiative Interns are responsible for conducting research, creating business plans and producing articles for publications and the blog put out by the institute. Social Media and Web Content Manager Interns keep the institute’s website and social media accounts fresh, while Writer Interns produce articles, blog posts and other pieces that are used for a variety of purposes by the organization.

The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands frequently has internship opportunities for students, some of which relate to urban sustainability, making cities more environmentally friendly. Many of the internships are for graduate level students as well as for students who have just received their master’s degrees in fields related to climate change, urban planning or environmental management. Only citizens of European Union nations and international students who study at colleges in the Netherlands can apply for internships with the institute. Some positions are paid or provide a stipend for living expenses.

Intern at Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund offers opportunities for conducting internships about climate changes issues. It is a unique experience for students and recent graduates from diverse professional, academic and cultural backgrounds. If you are enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. program, or if you are a recent graduate, engaged or recently engaged in academic study in a field directly related to the Fund’s work, it may make you eligible to join Green Climate Fund as an intern.

The intern will be entitled to remuneration and the Green Climate Fund also offers round trip ticket from your home location.  On the website of Green Climate Fund, you can also read about experiences of previous interns.

World Resources Institute Internship program

The World Resource Institute is a global research organization with a presence in more than 60 countries. Its offices in Brazil, Mexico, China, the US, Netherlands, and others, work on the preservation of natural resources around the world. They invite those pursuing, or those who completed at least a bachelor’s degree in international relations/development, environmental science, geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), public policy or a related field, to join them and help them in accomplishing their mission.

As an intern in this organization, you will have an opportunity to work on diverse tasks such as a contribution to reporting and publications, supporting the management, gathering and reviewing stories, making videos and many other.

Environment, Safety & Health Intern

Battelle is an organization with 2000 employees aiming to tackle critical challenges in security, health, manufacturing, energy and environmental management. As an intern in Battelle, you may work on supporting contract and facility operations. Working in this dynamic environment, your diverse responsibilities may include supporting environmental protection program, participating in safety compliance inspection of laboratory, assisting in the development of departmental policies, procedures and plans, and many others.

If you are interested in internship programs in Digital Marketing, Data Science, Management, Cyber Engineering or Environmental Research, then Battle may be a great place to gain experience for you.

Internship at Greenpeace

If you are a  student or a recent graduate interested to learn how the civil society organization function, then you should consider applying for Greenpeace’s internship program. As a leading global movement in conducting grass-roots activities, this non-profit organization invites you to join them and have an insight into how one international organization functions, and what struggles it has in protecting the environment.

There are several types of internships that Greenpeace offers. Those are primarily related to Information Technology, Politics & Business, Research, Law. Greenpeace also teamed with AISEC, the world largest student organization which spreads opportunities for youth engagement.

Intern at Bolivia Santa Cruz

Halliburton Oil and Gas is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. And guess what? They offer a paid internship program. If you decided to develop your career towards a field-based role, research, and development, geoscience, engineering or business support, by participating in this program you will find out if you are on the right path.

By investing in their employees and empowering them to personal development, they strive to attract people who have the desire to lead and grow professionally.

ESG Intern, Fixed Term Internship

Pimco is a leading global asset management firm that manages investments and develops solutions across the full spectrum of asset classes, strategies, and vehicles. Situated in London, with 17 offices around the world, it could be the right choice for those starting their professional career.

This company has a Campus Recruiting program created for talented students, but also offers a wide range of other opportunities for joining their diverse team, such as paid internship programs.

Pimco awaits young people pursuing an advanced degree with an emphasis in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues or related areas from a leading business school or university.

Intern in Food Standard Agency

Food Standards Agency is an independent organization located in Northern Ireland. FSA open positions within their paid internship program intended to those willing to work in Environmental Health Professions. You are eligible to apply for the Food Standards Agency internship program if you currently undertake a bachelor or master degree, or if you are a recent graduate.

Internship in BMW Group

BMW Group is a giant company working to develop specific technology and sets trends in producing modern vehicles. With 30 facilities in 14 countries, it is lead by inventors, pioneers, and brilliant designers. This company offers a great chance to take the first steps in your career and it offers positions for paid interns. Conducting internship within its Energy team, which is directly responsible for three of BMW’s manufacturing sites in the UK (Hams Hall, Oxford & Swindon), you can improve your engineering skills. It will challenge you to consider new ideas with fresh thinking, identify innovations that will benefit the organization, as well as to show a desire for the development of skills for planning and implementing projects.

Environmental Engineering Internship

Open for current students or recent graduates of an accredited 4 years University, Alcoa (NYSE: AA) offers diverse positions, including full-time jobs and internships.  Alcoa is a global industry leader in bauxite, alumina and aluminum products, with a strong portfolio of value-added cast and rolled products and substantial energy assets.

Aiming to gather professionals with different backgrounds who will help the company’s development, they occasionally open internship positions which would provide guidance, coaching, and technical assistance from engineers and drafters in the Central Maintenance Engineering Department and Environmental Department.

Intern in Kent Wildlife Trust

Kent Wildlife Trust is a leading charity organization working to preserve nature and wildlife. It has a strong network of members, supporters, volunteers and partners who jointly contribute in conducting activities to preserve over 65 species in nature reserves. Activities that they realize are mostly educational since their aim is to bring people closer to nature, but also they organize events, realize various projects and programs in order to raise awareness about the importance of such goal.

Offering half-time and full-time internship positions, Kent Wildlife Trust looks for persons who will help them in reaching set up goals. You could work in the consulting or educational team and also, you could learn from professionals about this topic and ways of combating issues that contribute to threatening species. Those positions are usually open for recent graduates who would like to work on marine conservation, record of wildlife sightings or managing habitats and organizing events, conducting project activities for children and youth, etc.

Intern in Cumbria Wildlife Trust

As above mentioned organization, Cumbria Wildlife Trust is also related to the conservation of local wildlife issues. To the persons interested to work in areas of nature and species conservation, Cumbria Wildlife Trust provides an opportunity to gain a range of skills and work-based experience required for employment within the sectors that are implied in organisation’s work. The intern will also have insight into different potential job roles.

When joining this intern position, you will be required to work in the Cumbria Wildlife Trust office in Kendal but may also spend some time in offices of partner organizations.

Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing

Green Corps is a program launched by U.S. PIRG and led by environmentally-minded college graduates. It has a clear aim: to train future organizers who will make a wave of activities targeting the environmental issues around the world. Those who participated within this program, are now activist and members of many large environmental movements, such as Al Gore’s Climate Reality, The Wilderness Society, Rainforest Action Network, and many others.

Green Corps developed the country’s most respected training program for those who are looking for places where they can learn and train to be leaders and organizers of environmental activities and campaigns. This training program/internship is paid but intended only for recent U.S. college graduates, or for those having a VISA with a work permit.

Willis Towers Watson Interns

If you are a university student, one year from graduation, understanding the importance of preventive activities, and you would like to learn more about it, keep reading because this company brings you just what you have been looking for.

This internship opportunity is offered by Willis Towers Watson which is one of the world’s leading reinsurance advisory and broking businesses. Are you asking yourself how it is connected to the environment? Well, there can be found positions matching your interests, such as Catastrophe Analyst or Health Consultant.

Statistics Intern

Are you good with numbers, but you would like to tackle the most challenging global problem? Here is the internship program where you will be engaged on diverse topics including climate changes. Statistics for Sustainable Development is a non-profit organization where you can practice and develop your skills and contribute to the creation of its activities. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work for one year and support statisticians and data engineers at based our offices in Reading, Berkshire.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) Internships

This full-time internship program at an alliance of grassroots organizations which advocate for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities can be found on the official website of National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. There are various jobs, like handling EcoFarm, taking care of animals, growing food, so if your mindset is ecologically directed, you can find something fitting your needs.

Intern at World Resource Institute

World Resource Institute is a research organization acting on a global level. It offers both, unpaid and paid internship programs, in various topics.

You can join the World Resource Institute teams in Climate, Energy, Food, Water, Cities or Ocean departments. Their offices are all around a world so you might find the program that fits your interests in Ethiopia, Sao Paolo, Washington, Beijing, Hague, India, or Indonesia… There is something for everybody!

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Internships for a Sustainable Future

Internships for a Sustainable Future is a program designed for students, giving them the chance to work directly with experts in Business for Social Responsibility member companies while learning how to integrate sustainability into business strategies. The internship locations include Paris, San, Francisco, and New York, and it is open for a master’s level student.

Intern at Ceres

Ceres is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 and launched by the Global Reporting Initiative. Members of this organization advocate for sustainability, and they have numbers of open positions for those who would like to work in a dynamic environment, learning, practicing, and improving advocacy skills.

Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program

Open to college undergraduate or graduate students studying communications, public relations, business, marketing, engineering or environmental sciences, this program is designed for young people who want to work in Clean Cities coalitions across the United States. Clean Cities is a government-industry partnership focused on reducing petroleum use and promoting awareness of alternative fuels in transportation.

Humane Educator

Here is one unusual and exciting internship opportunity, and this time it is for those who enjoy rural life and know how to use its creativity to teach children about animals on the farm.

Working in this friendly farm, you can be a Farm Sanctuary’s Humane Educator and work with middle and high school students, or, you can conduct “Meet the Animals: A Virtual Tour of Farm Sanctuary” and “Environmental Impacts & our Food System” programs.  Besides the Education Internship, there are other internships in Shelter Project, Human Resources, Photo and Video, Visitor or Graphic Design available regularly.

Internship at Danone Waters Sustainability

The Danone Waters Sustainability Strategy is a company aiming to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices. It believes in on-job-learning, so it is delighted to accept applications for their internship program of people who will bring new energy and ideas, jointly working on delivering health through food. Interns are supported by team experts and included in all projects Danone conducts, but also provided with tools and space to work on developing their careers.

Internship: Sustainability

Located in the Netherlands, Avery Dennison Corporation offers an opportunity for entrepreneurial interns who are interested in the following areas: IT, Communication, Finance, Marketing, Procurement or Talent Acquisition. Working in this global materials science and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials, you can gain experience in analyzing the sustainability of products and creative problem resolving. Positions like these are open for students holding a Bachelor or Master in logistics and sustainability, an IT background can be required as well.

If you haven’t found a position on this list that fits your knowledge and skills, we encourage you to do a little research by yourself. More and more organizations and companies are realizing that the contribution of young enthusiasts is significant for the functioning of the company. It can bring positive changes, creative ideas and strong motivation for success, and therefore, there are lots of companies who will show its appreciation by opening the paid internship positions. Good luck!