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NGO Internships in Bangalore

Do you want to make a social impact, help community and gain work experience at the same time? Then starting as an intern in NGO is an excellent way to go. Here are 10 NGO internships available in Bangalore.


Environmental Synergies in Development (ENSYDE)


Environmental Synergies in Development is an Indian NGO established in 2003 that aims to reduce the environmental footprint of organizations, establishments, and institutions. Focus is put on implementing solutions related to energy, water, and waste issues, by integrating projects that raise environmental awareness and behavioral change. Through various types of programs, ENSYDE believes in breaking barriers to environmental sustainability and bringing resource management to big and small entities. The organization offers internships throughout the year and interested applicants should explore the official website and see which are the ongoing projects and available positions. ESYDE welcomes candidates from various fields as long as interns share the common goal, to shift the current development paradigm towards environmental sustainability through thoughtfulness, experiential and behavioral awareness.


Zav Foundation


Zav Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower young Indian people through various initiatives. Their vision is “a New Society” where the most important values are peace, love, truth, justice, and equality through self-change and thus social change. Being a nation-building initiative, Zav seeks to bring together students in need of education and people who can teach those students and therefore welcomes any individual who is willing to commit a few hours per week to support the Zav’s work. Internship places are available to candidates currently enrolled in any graduate or post-graduate program who have excellent written communications, proficiency in Microsoft Word and Outlook. Furthermore, interns should possess general administrative skills, outstanding interpersonal, oral and written communication skills, willingness to work 6 hours a week and are should be ready to travel. Interested applicants should fill in the form, wait to be mapped in their area of preference and wait to be contacted by Zav’s team. After a basic orientation, interns can begin teaching.




Womenite is a youth-led driven social initiative committed to bringing a change in the area of gender equality through education and empowerment. The organization was initialized by an undergraduate student and a core team comprised of young people willing to bring a change. The work of the organization includes support and encouragement of gender equality which is done through the effort of professional counselors and young minds. Womenite organizes workshops on the issues of menstrual health, child sexual abuse, gender equality and other topics that break stereotypes. Interested interns should get in touch with the organization’s manager through the website by filling out the form.


Katte Foundation


Katte Foundation is a Bangalore based non-profit organization born out of the strong urge to ensure that the Indian society is transformed into an inclusive and equitable society that transcends differences of all kinds. Their work includes tackling people, policies, and politics of Indian society to overcome the differences of different social groups. The NGO offers internship positions to individuals who want to make a change within society and who can offer their skills and knowledge. The ideal candidate is the one who wants to lead a movement that would change lives, empower people and bridge the gaps between various members of the Indian community. Furthermore, he or she should have initial experience in policy research and analysis skills. This internship offers an opportunity to gain work experience in a social enterprise and a movement aimed to impact a billion lives.


Makkala Jagriti


Makkala Jagriti is fostering holistic development for children and diverse groups within the Indian community to build a sustainable and equitable society. The main vision of this NGO is to create a value-based social movement to empower children irrespective of their background, gender and ability level towards a better future. Makkala Jagriti is impacting thousands of children, youth, parents, and teachers through various initiatives and projects dedicated to empowering urban poor settlements, government schools, and shelter homes. Throughout the year, the organization is looking for interested students, postgraduates or other individuals who desire to work in such a social organization and wish to invest their skills and knowledge. Some of the positions are Manager – Fundraising, Facilitator – School Projects, Creative Facilitator – School Projects, Facilitator – Community Centre, Facilitator – ECCE Rural, Facilitator – ECCE Urban Coordinator.


Yes Foundation


Yes Foundation is focusing on stimulating entrepreneurship and innovative use of media to establish empowered and equitable India. The Foundation has been working towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development. In 2016 Yes Foundation launched the prestigious Media for Social Change Fellowship supported by YES Bank intending to develop socially conscious youth leadership and amplify communication of social impact organizations. Throughout the years, this program empowered 818 students across five cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Pune. Admitted fellows follow an intensive two months placement in a non-profit organization where they develop youth leadership to foster responsible citizenship. The program is open for applicants from 18-25 years who receive a stipend of INR 10,000 for the duration of the program and certificate on successful completion of the Fellowship. Fellowship duration differs from city to city, so interested applicants should check out the Yes Foundation website. The application process includes filling out a registration form, a telephonic interview and a video pitch round.  Selected candidates will be informed via email.


Youth for Seva


Youth for Seva (YFS) is a nation-wide volunteering movement founded in April 2007 with a vision to inspire young people to volunteer and serve communities in need. Their mission is to facilitate a movement of volunteering, promoting sustainable lifestyles and empowering individuals to become positive change agents. YFS supports schools, shelters, government hospitals and other bodies within the social sector through mitigation of their shortcomings and challenges. Members of the YFS team aim to create positive change through the culture of volunteering and by organizing different activities. The organization is looking for volunteers, but also offers Warriors of change fellowship. Some of the intern’s responsibilities are coordinating events and short term projects, teaching at government schools, orphanages, and tuition centers, various administrative tasks and conducting health awareness. Visit the Youth for Seva website to see current openings.


Polinate Group


Polinate Group trains and develops change against urban and rural communities to serve their peers from economically vulnerable groups. The organization empowers women as leaders of change to distribute products that improve health, save time and save money for the world’s most neglected communities. Polinate Group offers several fellowships. Pollinate Energy’s Fellowship program is open for Indian students to bring together people from all backgrounds who have a passion for improving lives through social business models and environmentally sustainable solutions. The program’s duration is 2-3 weeks on the ground in one of the city offices with supervisors of aspiring change-makers who will oversee fellows. Admitted young people will work each day in small teams on a strategic project that includes conducting community surveys and market analyses to recommend new product lines, mapping slum communities across the city and collecting customer data through interviews and developing new branding strategies to support Pollinators. The fellowship is free for Indian participants and travel expenses from and to communities will be reimbursed.


Adore India


Adore India is a voluntary network of University students and professionals to empower young people to grow a successful career and emerge as aware and responsible citizens and better human beings. The organization motivates the youth to identify and commence positive actions for a better society, while volunteers are located in over 30 cities including Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ambala, Chennai, Pune, Ahmadabad, etc. Adore India is always seeking for new participants to join their team and participate in their activities, so college youth, school students and local communities are welcome to apply. To join the team, prospective members should fill the form available on the official website after carefully reading and understanding the objectives of Adore India.




Bhumi is an Indian independent and youth volunteer non-profit organization funded in 2006 by a small group of friends who shared a strong desire to change society and build a better future for India. The organization provides youngsters a platform to serve the society and bridges the gap between the educated and the uneducated, while volunteers educate and mentor children from orphanages, slum and village community centers across the country. Bhumi offers full time or part-time internships in Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune throughout the year. Interns are not paid and don’t receive a stipend, while they are provided with professional supervision and a certificate at the end of their engagement. Interested applicants should register on the website and will get in touch with one of the Bhumi managers within two weeks through email and SMS regarding the next orientation program. At the orientation, prospective interns will get more information about all of Bhumi’s projects, the causes they choose and the locations where they wish to work.