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NGO Internships in Delhi

There are many ways to spend summer and winter breaks and one includes signing up for an internship in a non-profit organization. NGOs work in various fields such as children’s rights, women’s rights, environmental rights, public policy, etc. Internships offer experience and skills to students and young graduates. Here are 10 NGO internships in Delhi that can help young people start their careers.

Public Policy Research Centre

Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) is a research organization established under a public charitable trust with a focus on research-based objective analysis of ongoing policy issues. The organization emphasizes good government practices, implementation mechanisms, and policymaking. The leading idea is exploring constructive solutions regarding important policy issues that concern nations, which is done through discussions, debates, seminars and brainstorming sessions. PPRC hires research interns who can explore their research, while eligible candidates are any graduates or postgraduates from the domain from Social Sciences and Humanities. Science, Commerce, and students from other fields are also welcome to apply if they possess good communication and writing skills likewise understanding of public policies. Intern positions are paid, more information could be found on the PPRC website.

Uday Foundation

Uday Foundation is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, founded by Rahul Verma, a social activist, and campaigner. The Foundation is named after his son who was born with multiple congenital defects. The organization focuses on banning junk food in schools and campaign for health, support, and dignity to homeless and disaster relief in India. Uday Foundation welcomes undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates who possess a strong interest in crucial issues that fall under the scope of the Foundation’s work. Its Internship Program lasts from 4 to 6 weeks and offers a unique opportunity for growth, learning, and meaningful service and looks for people who are dependable, enthusiastic, and professional. Selected interns will work within the domain of children, health and human rights and assist in the ongoing projects of the organization. The internship program offers a stipend, however, interns should arrange accommodation and transport to Delhi by themselves.

Nidhi Foundation

Nidhi Foundation is an independent NGO that focuses on child rights. It was founded in 2015 in India and during the years organization impacted the lives of more than 500 children through the program “Mission Nutrition”. The Foundation is a pioneer in the area of nutrition and the effects that bad nutrition has on mental and cognitive development in children’s’ lives. It focuses on delivering lasting results for vulnerable children in India. The Nidhi Foundation offers internship positions throughout the year with a minimum period of 4 weeks. Applicants from diverse professional and educational backgrounds from all over the world are welcome to apply. Internships are offered in three areas: content & documentation of the organization’s work, fundraising, and workshops in community centers. Interested candidates should send their CV and preferred area of interest at Successful candidates will be awarded official certification of appreciation for a committed period.


UMEED – A drop of hope is an NGO formed to provide a platform to the nation’s youth. Founded in 2011, the organization currently has an outreach of more than 20.000 volunteers in 7 states across the country and their work is focused on underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the society. The main focus is child welfare, which includes a fight against illiteracy, child labor, poverty, child inflicted and affected by HIV/AIDS and other deep-rooted issues of Indian society. Under the section “Internship registration” on the official website interested applicants can fill in the form choosing virtual or summer internship.


Chintan is a non-profit organization that focuses on waste consumption, solid and electronic waste. The organization uses waste as a tool to fight poverty, child labor, and gender-based violence and climate change while creating green livelihoods. Its work directly supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 17. Chintan welcomes young graduates and students to apply for internship positions if they hold needed education in fields such as public policy, ecology, medicine, social work, etc. Candidates interested in environmental sustainability and social justice can fill in the short form, suitable applicants will be contacted. Although the organization prefers young adults based in Delhi for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 3 months, candidates from other parts can apply as well. Interns will be provided with a certificate at the successful completion of their internship. Chintan doesn’t offer stipend but work-related expenses may be covered on a case by case basis.

CRY (Children and You)

CRY is an NGO that focuses on uplifting underprivileged children denied basic rights and necessities. Across the country, the organization delivers various projects and funds individuals and groups who work at the local and regional levels to ensure happy and healthy childhoods. CRY ensures rights to all categories of children, children without housing, children bonded in labor, children of commercial sex workers, physically and mentally challenged children and children in juvenile institutions or even children from privileged homes. Interns are welcome to work in the areas of child rights issues and choose organization’s assignments ranging from public mobilization, fact finding researches, field exposures, and documentation, pilot run project ideas, learn the threads of HR, organizing events, media advocacy skills and many more. Internship programs are opened to students and working professionals from different academic and professional backgrounds. While no stipend is offered, the incidental costs of the assignment may be covered.


Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) is an Indian non-profit organization that works in the domain of heritage awareness and historical conservation. The organization conducts heritage walks, exhibitions, and outreach programs to promote heritage conservation. INTACH works across the country while the Delhi branch of INTACH is called the Delhi chapter. The organization calls applicants interested in history and culture to join the team as volunteers or trainees. Interested applicants should complete the registration form available on the official website and wait for the response.

HAQ: Centre for Child Rights

HAQ: Centre for Child Rights is an Indian non-profit organization that works in the area of children’s rights. HAQ aims at children’s integration and promotion, recognition and protection of children’s rights. Their objective is to ensure child rights in the political agenda of the country. The organization provides opportunities for internships for students from India and abroad, while HAQ believes that internship must be mutually beneficial and therefore every intern receives personal supervision. Some of the works by the latest interns include the following projects: Perception Report on Sexual Offences Against Children, Rehabilitating Children in Conflict with the Law: Opportunities and Challenges, PowerPoint on Child Labor in India and many more. Interested applicants should visit the HAQ website and fill in the Internship Agreement. The positions are available throughout the year.


STRAW (Stray Relief and Animal Welfare) is a non-governmental organization that fights for animal welfare through the medium of education. The organization is focused on building the knowledge of animal wellbeing, empathy for people and care for the environment in schools. Interns are an important part of STRAW’s team and they are involved in various activities such as research and developing educational material for humane education programs, research and writing material for the media, social media, blogs and newsletters, graphic and web design, writing textbooks material, building databases and many more. Everyone who cares for animals is welcome to apply and will be involved in teaching school children compassion towards animals, empathy towards people and care for nature. The application process includes filling up the form available on the website.

Good Cause

Good Cause is a non-profit and advocacy organization based in Delhi, India. Their focus is elderly people, since the founders believe that in current society, the process of aging is not the same as it was earlier, particularly when we bear in mind the numerous personal, social, and professional aspects that, in the course of life, have made the lives of elderly significantly different in all those concerning personal, emotional and professional trajectories. Good Cause, therefore, examines the stereotypes of ageism that come from the relationship between culture and old age, focusing on the economic and socio-cultural features of the elderly population. Good Cause states that they are “the voice of Elders who are vulnerable so that they don’t face the disadvantage of the harsh society”.