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10 NGOs in Hong Kong

Food Angel

Food Angel is a Hong Kong-based NGO that collects surplus food from different sectors of food industry that would otherwise go to wasted. By following a set of strict safety protocols, the organization prepares nutritious hot meals in its central kitchen and distributed them underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.

Food Angel collects around 35.000 tons of surplus food every week and prepares over 10.000 nutritious meals and 2.000 food packages that are distributed free of charge. The organization also has the Food Angel Community Centre in Sham Shui Po, where it serves over 250 elderly people who live alone or are faced with a crisis. Also, the NGO implements a program Green Angel, through which it educates children to care for and cherish food and learn about food waste, hunger, and poverty.


Adventure-Ship is an NGO that provides recreational and educational training at sea to youth with disabilities. By participating in their innovative sea designed programs, the youth can push themselves and cooperate in a supportive environment by growing, learning and helping others.

Every year, around 9.000 youth participates in Adventure-Ship’s programs, among whom youth with physical or mental disabilities, chronic illness, behavioral change, as well as welfare recipients and underprivileged children. Through these programs, youth are encouraged to develop their social, creative and problem-solving skills and increase their self-esteem and self-reliance. Besides this, they are also able to acquire an appreciative, caring and environmental aware attitude and develop their potential in an environment in which they feel supported.

Feeding Hong Kong

Feeding Hong Kong is an NGO that operates a food bank and rescues food that is still good and safe to eat but would otherwise go to a waste. The organization collects food from retailers, manufacturers, distributors and producers and distributes it to those who need it the most.

The organization runs community programs with food banks, senior centers, shelters, central kitchens and after school programs and educates them on how to better manage food as a resource. It also runs trainings and education initiatives to drive changes in communities. Feeding Hong Kong also partners up with corporates to turn an environmental problem into a social solution and actively impact this issue in Hong Kong. Last, but not least, the organization collaborates with schools to teach students how to individually contribute to positive changes in their communities by using food as a resource.

Go 2 Serve Foundation

Go 2 Serve Foundation was established in 2009 to help and care about underprivileged communities in which resources are scarce and hard to access to. The organization almost entirely depends on volunteers from Hong Kong and all over the world, who work to achieve a long-term impact in communities through sustainable projects.

The organization implements The Orphanage program and takes care of both healthy and disabled children. It provides them with homes where they feel loved and cherished. The organization also runs a small pig farm in South Chine, where it raises around 80 pigs in some sustainable farming ways. The goal of this program is to help villagers to learn about environmentally sustainable techniques of farming, so they can improve their livelihoods and protect their environment.

Kids 4 Kids

Kids 4 Kids is a Hong Kong based NGO created in 2010 with a goal of inspiring young people in Hong Kong to undertake action and drive positive social changes in their communities. The NGO envisions ‘’a future where all young people are empowered to make positive contributions to society’’.

The mission of Kids 4 Kids is to empower youth to develop social responsibility and inspire others to make the world a better place. It provides young people with equal opportunities to learn important skills and develop strong connections in their communities. Since 2017, Kids 4 Kids has focused all of its assets and programs on achieving the UN sustainable development goals by 2030, mainly through development and youth empowerment.


Redress is an environmental NGO working with a mission to ‘’prevent and transform textile waste to catalyze a circular economy and reduce fashion’s water, chemical and carbon footprints’’. Through its programs, the organization works towards achieving the UN sustainable development goal on sustainable consumption and production by changing the practices to stop the creation of textile waste.

The organization runs one of the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competitions called the Redress Design Award, through which it educates fashion designers worldwide about sustainable techniques and design theories with a goal to make a circular fashion system grow. This competition represents a unique platform for those with talent in fashion to transform the world’s fashion industry. The Redress also provides rewards to achieve a long-term impact.

Po Leung Kuk

Po Leung Kuk is a Hong Kong NGO working with a mission to ‘’protect the young and innocent, care for the elderly and underprivileged, aid the poor and heal the sick, educate the young, provide recreation to the public, care for the environment, and pass on the cultural inheritance and bring goodness to the community’’.

Po Leung Kuk is one of the leading Hong Kong’s social services NGO protecting vulnerable groups. It provides a variety of quality social, recreational, cultural and educational service to all people in the local communities regardless of their age. Every year, the organization serves over 600.000 people and more than 45.000 students through its 300 service units.

Vision First

Established in 2009 as an independent NGO, the Vision First works to improve the livelihoods of refugees in Hong Kong. Over the years, the organization has managed to shape a deeper understanding of refugees’ issues in communities, as well as respect of their rights.

To achieve its goals, the Vision First deploys advocacy, activism and advice. Its activism is realized through supporting refugees to acquire a necessary knowledge, skills and resources to resist and counter abuses they face, while through advocacy the organization works on improving the asylum issues and forms strong relationships with refugee communities. Through advice, the Vision First acts as a mediator between the government and refugees to resolve personal issues while empowering them to speak for themselves.

Clear the Air

Clear the Air is an NGO committed to implementation and introduction of measures that would lead to a significant reduction of pollution of air in Hong Kong. It is a volunteer based NGO and currently has more than 1.500 members from across Hong Kong, coming from all types of professional and social backgrounds.

Clean Air works with the authorities and other actors to find practical solutions and promotes a strong and focused community approach to air pollution control measures. It also educates the public on the importance of clean air for their own health and provides a platform for the local communities to take actions and initiatives. The organization is also involved in providing educational presentations on clean air in schools and many types of events.

Earth Care

Earth Care is an NGO based in Hong Kong working to save the Earth. Its activities include environmental and wildlife protection, conservation, green business, sustainable development, green living, animal welfare, corporate social responsibility and environmental justice.

The organization implements a variety of strategies and programs that are directed to saving the planet, including social and policy research, monitoring of laws implementation, animal rescues, as wee as campaigns on consumer awareness and protest campaigns. The Earth Care campaigns for the use of herbal alternatives to replace animal parts in the traditional Chinese medicine while encouraging citizens of Hong Kong to be involved in other campaigns as well and work energetically in the public outreach.