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Top 10 Careers in Impact Investing

Impact investing is quickly expanding as more individuals, particularly investors, seek to make a positive difference in the world. Working in this sector allows you to be a part of that transformation. Impact investing encompasses investors, investment firms, and businesses seeking to make positive changes in the world. There are numerous positions available at all levels of impact investing, including strategy, execution, and investment support. We’ve outlined ten options for you to get involved in impact investing careers and professions.

Impact Investor

Anyone can technically be an impact investor if they invest in a company or initiative that has a social mission. Even non-accredited retail investors can now participate in crowdsourcing opportunities. Individuals with finance background or expertise investing in stocks, shares, and real estate find it easier to become impact investors. For oneself or on behalf of investors, an impact investor streamlines the process of selection, financing, monitoring, and evaluation. Your position as an investor is possibly the most crucial. You invest in any firm or project that serves a good cause.

Investing Associate

As an investing associate collaborates with multiple divisions within an investment business, their position evolves. Your function is a hybrid of conceptualizing and implementation. You could be doing your own research, reviewing potential investments against corporate policies, and interacting with clients and companies you’re interested in investing in. As a result, it’s one of those careers that necessitates interpersonal abilities. There could be a significant amount of research, analytics, presentations, and collaboration.

Investment Relations Officer

The Investment Relations Officer is a crucial role in raising cash for impact investment. Every investment business requires a pool of effective investment relations officers to promote financing and manage investor satisfaction with both financial and social impact gains. To deliver on the organization’s value proposition to donors and investors, clear and effective communication of impact-first performance is required throughout the donor/investor lifecycle. Building and developing relationships with investors is critical to your success.

Project Manager

Any project requires a project manager to oversee all of the participants. You could lead projects from non-profit or for-profit companies that have a direct social or environmental impact. Corporate sustainability managers also put in place initiatives and projects that focus on the company’s specific areas of interest. This includes its corporate social responsibility strategy, implementation, and monitoring, which will be documented in its sustainability and compliance reports.

Sustainability Consultant

A sustainability consultant is one of the most prevalent impact investing roles. Many impact companies and projects are focused on sustainability, and they need someone to guide them on the proper path if they are to be effective. As organizations commit to sustainability, sustainability consultants may be found in both impact investment firms and numerous corporations. A sustainability consultant helps companies function more responsibly, both socially and environmentally.

ESG Specialist

An ESG Specialist is in charge of designing and monitoring ESG policies and procedures and assessing and evaluating proposed underwriting transactions. They ensure that social and environmental sustainability is maintained and adherence to internationally accepted best practices. Specialization courses or authorized courses to confirm your knowledge and expertise are required to become an ESG specialist. You can work full-time or as a consultant, giving strategic advice and recommendations.

Data Strategist/Analyst

Jobs such as data strategist and analyst are on the rise in the market. As an analyst, you may be responsible for analyzing data to determine performance, reduce risks, and generate possibilities for executives to make crucial investment decisions using concise, intuitive information. Similarly, to develop the best strategy for the organization, a strategist would employ technology to analyze data while evaluating investment goals. These positions both necessitate a thorough comprehension of data and what it represents. You’ll use sophisticated tools to sort through hundreds of data points to identify possibilities that have both a positive environmental impact and a high financial return.

Financial Advisor

The flow of cash through socially responsible investing drives impact investing. Hence a financial advisor’s participation is critical. You assist investors in making the best decisions possible by advising them on potential financial and social returns while taking into account risk concerns. Financial advisors also work directly with investors who may be investing in firms or initiatives independently. For such a career, you’d require finance-related education and expertise. Many financial advisors are self-employed or work from home, while others work for consulting businesses.


Impact investing offers many opportunities for researchers. As a researcher, you look for sustainable investment opportunities, trends, and insights. The role’s attractiveness lies in its goal of gathering knowledge and information to aid decision-making and ultimate goals. Your work allows the organization to thrive while also identifying locations and communities that require assistance. For example, researchers could be entrusted with locating organizations in remote places that provide educational and employment possibilities or selecting publicly traded companies that invest in green energy.

Social Entrepreneur

A social entrepreneur is someone who seeks business opportunities that benefit their community, society, or the globe at large. Individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs develop and fund solutions that directly address social challenges through this method. The achievement of economic returns and a positive social impact are then used to determine success. Impact investment can be done by starting or funding a social venture.