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Jobs in Impact Investing

Impact investing is a relatively new industry that many people are familiar with, but we can’t deny that its growth is rapidly increasing. If you have an MBA degree and want to land a job revolving around impact investing, then chances are you might have limited information.

Fortunately, there are websites that are dedicated to posting job vacancies and even internships. But before we start, let’s first have a brief refresher of what impact investing is.

What Is Impact Investing?

Impact investing is an investment made by an individual or group to companies and organizations that has two priorities: financial return and societal/environmental impact. The nature of the invested business must have a two-way growth, meaning while profit is made, beneficial actions are also done.

10 Websites For Finding Impact Investing Jobs

Now that you know what impact investing is, let’s proceed to the top 10 websites that can help you find a job related to impact investing:

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

GIIN is an organization that doesn’t seek profit but focuses on the improvement of the effectiveness and scale of impact investing instead. It has the online platform “Career Center” wherein job postings from GIIN Investors’ Council international members and other related industry leaders are published.

The great thing about this website is its presentation in publishing jobs. The list can range from full-time to contractual and available internships.

Opportunity Finance Network (OFN)

OFN is the national association of CDFI or Community Development Financial Institutions. This means that it focuses on developing other organizations related to banking and funding. Those organizations are mostly small in scale and have good influences in communities and risk-takers.

The focus of OFN is to cater to jobs available in the US. The positive thing about it, aside from its detailed presentation of the job information, is that the submissions will be quickly reviewed in order to ensure industry relevance.

Building a Sustainable Investment Community (BASIC)

The BASIC website is a simple job board providing a list of opportunities mostly available in the area of Boston, USA. Its connections concentrate on Boston-based companies, and it scours for job vacancies related to investing and finance.

Although the scope may not be as large compared to other entries of this list, the great thing about this website is that it has more details and carries more accuracy, especially if you wish to work in Boston.


Launched in 2013, ImpactCareers is a free initiative that aims to link qualified and ambitious individuals to appropriate opportunities that can really make a difference. So far, the website can support more than 5,000 professionals each month in their respective career journeys.

The visually appealing website presents the job openings in a tiled manner wherein you can identify the company or organization quickly through their logos. However, to access more information on events and the companies involved, you need to sign up. Most of the jobs posted are Switzerland-based.

Invest With Impact

Invest With Impact is a platform aiming to provide opportunities created from impact investors to aspiring, talented impact investors. It promotes enhancing multiple skill sets not only to compete in the market but also to find greater purpose in people’s careers.

Its website was a variety of firms connected from all around the world. The user interface is aesthetically designed, making it more appealing to millennials and other visual-aided individuals. However, the job openings can be very specific and scarce at times.

Net Impact

After 28 years, the scope of Net Impact has grown to an impressive status. With more than 400 chapters, it aims to provide a big impact in society and encourages leaders of the next generation. It highly promotes sustainability in all aspects of life and even tackles the world’s pressing issues.

The website offers jobs mostly based in the US, either for-profit or non-profit. There is also a feature wherein you can get results of job openings within a certain radius from a location you’ve entered. They can also send job newsletters if you are willing to sign up.


Devex is known to be the largest provider in terms of business and recruiting development services. It includes not only corporations and non-profit organizations but also government positions and international agencies.

One of the best features of this website is the filtering system. It is so articulate that they have an option for a remote position. Aside from that, there are career advices that certainly fit any job-hunter in relation to impact investing.

Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

Launched in 2009 with initially 34 members, ANDE now has such a wide reach from plenty of organizations and companies all over the world. Not only does it provide employment opportunities, but it also offers support services and education to SGBs or “small and growing businesses”. The belief in SGBs as the gateways to uplift communities from poverty makes ANDE such a reliable organization.

The influence alone makes it appealing to seek employment using their jobs board. There is also a section wherein jobs within the ANDE umbrella are being listed. One of its advantages over other job boards is its unique yet user-friendly filtering system.

Next Billion

NextBillion is a community forum linking plenty of organizations from the enterprise sector in order to address poverty. With the support of the University of Michigan’s William Davidson Institute, it focuses on businesses with low- and middle-income levels globally.

The website offers a wide variety of positions from all around the world. However, they don’t have a filtering system in order to make the search more refined. They do offer signing up for newsletters and their publications are worthwhile to read.

80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours is a non-profit organization that’s funded by philanthropists. It focuses more on the importance of research and having support systems in order to address global issues. Most of the career advices presented are catered to early adults who have ambitions of helping socially.

Although the job site is not entirely focused on impact investing, it presents job opportunities wherein you can be of great impact on the society and environment. It is a great way for starters, especially for those who are yet to decide on what type of impact to choose.


Before you start searching for a job related to impact investing, it is highly recommendable to gain more useful knowledge to give you a wider perception and encourage a more strategic approach for your career. Do not be hesitant to seek more information and guidance among your peers and connections. The websites presented will be of great help in pushing you towards the next step in your career.