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Top 10 Job Types in ESG Finance

ESG opportunities in the financial sector are abounding as a global movement towards environmental management and protection is being adopted. With investments quickly flowing into sustainability, impact investing is rising, and companies are trying to catch up. Multinational banks are all embracing this new breed of investments, with startups and local investment banks picking up the wave. If you’re looking to transition into a career in ESG in the finance and banking industry, here’s a list of the top ten ESG finance jobs to explore found in the most popular job sites across the world.

#1 ESG Investment Officer

An ESG investment officer identifies business opportunities and secure investments that promote an organization’s financial interests under the ESG criteria’s specific lens. As an ESG investment officer, your job duties include managing portfolio projects, handling financial transactions, and building client relationships centered on impact investing and sustainable investing principles.

#2 ESG Portfolio Manager

Asset management firms are hiring ESG-specialist Portfolio Managers to help governments and corporations reach their Net-Zero transitions. ESG Portfolio Manager enables financial investors to implement fully-compliant ESG reporting and management for their investment portfolio. Rather than blocking non-ESG issuers, PMs seek engagement to incentivize greener or socially responsible policies that bring positive change. ESG PMs may also specialize in selecting the best sustainable companies or projects to invest in.

#3 ESG Product Specialist

ESG product specialists develop and launch new ESG products by incorporating ESG factors in their criteria for selecting investments. This entails developing a range of ESG-related materials (e.g., market research, white papers, presentations) for research, collaboration, and communication. ESG product specialists are ESG product subject matter experts responsible for producing highly curated investment products for clients. This also requires continued support and improvements to existing products.

#4 ESG Analyst

Although the title is more generic, large and well-known organizations are constantly looking for ESG specialists to help them monitor the global Net-Zero transition. The “analyst” job may include an entry-level research assistant role or a PhD-educated specialist in deforestation. Before giving particular financial advise, an ESG analyst must conduct due diligence. Private equity corporations, wealth management organizations, banks, and other similar institutions will frequently engage ESG analysts to provide clients with potentially lucrative investment alternatives.

#5 ESG Consultant

ESG consultants are ESG experts who provide their services to companies that require assistance in ESG. This may range from research assistance, developing a sustainability report, or guiding them in achieving their sustainability goals. ESG consultants help companies and investors identify their impact on society and the environment and/or develop their ESG strategy.

#6 ESG Data Analyst

The ESG Data Analyst contributes to maintaining and expanding an ESG-leading market investment. The role entails the functions of a data analyst that sifts through broad research and raw data sets that supports data-centric solutions through the lens of the ESG criteria. ESG Data Analyst identifies and processes ESG-relevant news and 3rd party data on companies, monitors data quality, and develops ESG analytical reporting.

#7 ESG Specialist

An ESG Specialist is in charge of designing and monitoring ESG policies and procedures and assessing and evaluating proposed underwriting transactions. They ensure that social and environmental sustainability is maintained and adherence to internationally accepted best practices. Specialization courses or authorized courses to confirm your knowledge and expertise are required to become an ESG specialist. You can work full-time or as a consultant, giving strategic advice and recommendations.

#8 ESG Investment Analyst

Parallel with the ESG Data Analyst, an ESG Investment Analyst crunches numerous data and statistics of investment products and services to determine the most optimal investment offerings for its clients. The ESG Investment Analyst not only develops or screens potential money-making opportunities but also monitors and evaluates investment product performance in both financial, social, and environmental criteria.

#9 ESG Officer

The ESG Officer is responsible for developing and overseeing environmental, social, and corporate governance policies and procedures and reviewing and appraising proposed underwriting transactions to be socially and environmentally sustainable and compliant with internationally recognized best practices.

#10 ESG Associate

An ESG Associate is a generic term for a junior of all the abovementioned roles. It assists in providing research and technical expertise on critical issues related to environmental and social impact assessment. The position entails administrative and technical support in addressing sustainability risks in the design, preparation, implementation, and supervision of financial operations, considering best industry practices and standards.