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Top 10 ESG Investing Jobs in London

The United Kingdom has long shown its efforts in leading the world in its net-zero commitment in advance of COP 26. In 2017, the London Stock Exchange Group issued its ESG reporting guidelines and the UK government published its Greening Finance: A Roadmap to Sustainable Investing in 2021. This puts London at the hotbed of sustainable finance and investing, and offers a range of job opportunities for aspirants to join the industry.

We provide a list of the top 10 ESG investing jobs from companies that have been powerfully leading the way for impact investing.

ESG Product Specialist | £80,000 – £100,000

The firm’s ESG capabilities’ content creation and management fall under the purview of the ESG Product Specialist. Working with the Responsible Investment and Client teams, develop a variety of ESG-related products (such as market research, white papers, and presentations). As the subject-matter authority for ESG products, you’re in charge of creating specialized content for presentations, RFP databases, client answers, annual PRI reporting, and the company’s annual sustainability report.

Sustainability Associate | £62,000 – £107,000

The Chief Sustainability Officer and CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Investing are supported by the Sustainability Associate on a number of strategic and operational projects. The chosen candidate organizes the Sustainable Investing Challenge and Sustainable Investing Summit supports the execution of sustainability-focused projects and contributes to thought leadership on a variety of sustainable finance themes.

Impact & ESG Analyst | £57,000 – £64,000

The Impact & ESG Analyst creates impact and ESG assessments on investee firms, examining both the positive and unfavourable contributions to the SDGs as well as the risks and opportunities presented by ESG factors. The analyst offers excellent research and analysis to assist portfolio managers of equity and fixed-income securities.

ESG Research Analyst | £52,000 – £78,000

The Research Analyst focuses on the development of the proprietary ESG framework and analytical capabilities while conducting ESG materiality and/or theme research and assisting with team execution of the overall plan. The ideal candidate would love to think critically and creatively about financial markets and will want to join a team that is rapidly expanding.

Sustainable Investment Product Advocate | £35,000 – £41,000

By offering advice, lessons learned, and knowledge on ESG and sustainability, the Sustainable Investment Product Advocate works with the responsible investment, portfolio management, thematic, and research teams to clarify the company’s strategic stance in sustainable investing. Through assistance in raising assets and brand building, the function aids in the crystallization of its commercial aim for sustainability solutions.

ESG Senior Consultant | £50,000 – £70,000

In order to help our client’s achieve their business goals, the ESG Senior Consultant oversees the execution and reporting of ESG strategy for investor clients. They also produce measurable improvements in ESG performance and engagement. In addition to reporting to the Investor ESG Lead and being a part of the larger Environmental Consultancy Group, the function involves managing numerous client relationships.

Sustainability and ESG Engagement Manager | £70,000 – £80,000

Delivering engagement strategies with success, the Sustainability and ESG Engagement Manager also does ESG analysis on companies in international equity portfolios. He or she oversees ESG engagement initiatives, does research on engagement themes, and works with fund managers and analysts to create engaging engagement opportunities.

Senior ESG and Sustainability Consultant | £75,000 – £90,000

Being naturally proactive, the senior ESG and sustainability consultant supports the expansion of the local service portfolio in response to shifting local and national regulatory forces. The consultant conducts stakeholder engagement workshops and materiality analyses while providing ESG strategies for the corporate, asset, and real estate projects. The ideal candidate develops baseline assessments and strategies for social value and effect in comparison to important industry benchmark criteria.

Advisor Advancing Net Zero | £35,000 to £48,000

Under the Advancing Net Zero program, the Advisor for Advancing Net Zero directs and coordinates research and engagement to create and execute important industry outcomes. The adviser is a subject matter specialist in areas such as ESG investments, real estate financing, and asset management. These areas include carbon pricing and offsetting, financing and valuing net zero carbon buildings, data collection, management, and reporting, among others. The advisor oversees industry recommendations for zero-carbon buildings and develops the team as a whole.

Head of ESG | £90,000 – £120,000

An experienced ESG professional serves as the Head of ESG and guides and develops the ESG with clients. He or she offers insightful information on topics and circumstances around the world, enabling our client to act confidently. As the head of ESG, you will have a proven track record in this field, practical client management experience, and experience assisting customers with understanding, evaluating, and putting due diligence, risk assessments, and roadmaps into practice.